International Congress on Eurasian Economies

International Conference on Eurasian Economies

2-4 September 2020 – Baku - AZERBAIJAN


Prof. Dr. Mükerrem Hiç doctoral studies support award

Prof. Dr. Mükerrem Hiç, who was the keynote speaker of the first conference in 2010, is remembered by doctoral studies awards given by his family, starting with the 2015 conference. The award consists of a monetary award given by his family and a plaque given by the conference committee.

Each year, the scientific committee chooses the best paper submitted to the conference by a Ph.D. candidate in the fields of macroeconomics, growth and development, monetary theory, finance, globalization or international trade. The paper must be authored by one or more Ph.D. candidates only.

This year, the following paper was chosen by the scientific committee for the award:

Footprint of Inexhaustible Energy Usage and Financial Development on Carbon Outrush of Eurasian Countries

Best paper award

The scientific committee awards also a best paper award.

This year, the following papers were chosen by the scientific committee to share the award:

Transmission Effects between Uncertainty and Stocks: From S&P to BIST100

Determinants of Capital Structure in the Construction Companies across Europe and Central Asia Region

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