International Congress on Eurasian Economies

International Conference on Eurasian Economies

11-13 October 2012 – Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN

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Paper ID : 457
Status : Paper published
Language : Russian
Topic : Finance and Financial Crises
Presenter: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Turusbek Asanov
Session : 3E Финансы

Efficiency of Public Finance Management in Kyrgyzstan
Эффективность управления государственными финансами в Кыргызстане


The article analyzes the importance of public finances as the main instrument of economic management. The main attention is paid to the clarifying the mechanism and forms of effective relationships between fiscal policy and economic growth. The criteria of the effectiveness of public financial management. In this paper attempted evaluating the effectiveness of public financial management in the Kyrgyz Republic based on generalization of the practice of the budget of Kyrgyzstan and other countries. Substantiated the need of improving budget planning, consolidation of public finances, transition to planning budget, and improving budget process.

JEL codes: O23, H21, H61

Asanov, Turusbek (2012). "Efficiency of Public Finance Management in Kyrgyzstan" in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2012, pp.528-532, Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN.


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Session 3E: Финансы

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