Eurasian Economists Association

International Conference on Eurasian Economies

9-11 September 2015 – Kazan, RUSSIA

Session papers

SESSION 6A: International Relations

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Saulesh Kalenova

11 September 2015 — 14:00-15:30

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14:00–14:20   #1187
Economic Expectations for Turkey, Central Asia and Caucasus Beyond 2050

- Dr. Ahmet Salih İkiz (Muğla University, Turkey) *

14:20–14:40   #1410
The European Union’s Attitude towards Russia between Values and Interests

- Asst. Prof. Dr. Armağan Gözkaman (Beykent University, Turkey) *

14:40–15:00   #1243
The Resource Potential of the Participating Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union

- Prof. Dr. Saulesh Kalenova (Turan University, Kazakhstan) *
- Prof. Dr. Rahman Alshanov (Turan University, Kazakhstan)
- Prof. Dr. Ali Abishev (Kazakh Economics University, Kazakhstan)
- Prof. Dr. Valentina Gerasimenko (Moscow State Lomonosov University, Russia)

15:00–15:20   #1182
Changes in the World Power: The United States within the New Balance of Power

- Prof. Dr. Paulo Duarte (The University of Minho, Portugal) *

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