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9-11 September 2015 – Kazan, RUSSIA

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Paper ID : 1325
Status : Paper published
Language : Turkish
Topic : Growth and Development
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Ayşe İrmiş
Session : 5D Mikroekonomi I

Revitalization of Traditional Manufacturing as Rural Development Model: Yeşilyuva Shoe Manufacturing Case
Bir Kırsal Kalkınma Modeli Olarak Geleneksel Üretimi Yeniden Canlandırma Örneği: Yeşilyuva Ayakkabı Üretimi


Research field of study is formed Yeşilyuva Town in Denizli is a rural area which provides its income via shoe manufacturing. The aim of the study is to discover the contribution, the exchange and the development of traditional manufacturing at the development process in a rural area. As a research method in the first phase of historical background of shoe manufacturing in Yeşilyuva was researched, and then were interviewed about the shoe manufacturing in Yeşilyuva. According to the research findings, the background of Yeşilyuva’s contemporary production consists of Akhi production culture. In Yeşilyuva, production of leather-related goods has been improving over time since those days. In 1970’s, the people of Yeşilyuva founded a cooperative and a leather factory through consolidating their savings. However, the cooperative could not maintain the factory and it is rented to private sector for operation. Nowadays, in Yeşilyuva, at least one member of each family are producing shoes in small plants. Some of the products are sold to specific brands as a result of contract manufacturing; and some of them are taken to nearby cities by the sellers and sold there. While the presence of women in production used to be perceived negatively; women are entrepreneurs and employees in shoe manufacturing for the last thirty years. In Yeşilyuva, a developing place; the shoes, which had been produced only by hand crafts before; now are produced in still small plants, but through modern techniques; with the contribution of both men and women.

JEL codes: M00

İrmiş, Ayşe, Eroğlu, Şeyma Gün (2015). "Revitalization of Traditional Manufacturing as Rural Development Model: Yeşilyuva Shoe Manufacturing Case" in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2015, pp.689-698, Kazan, RUSSIA.

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Session 5D: Mikroekonomi I

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