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International Conference on Eurasian Economies

17-18 September 2013 – St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

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Paper ID : 759
Status : Paper published
Language : Turkish
Topic : Sectoral Analyses
Presenter: Asst. Prof. Dr. Muharrem Aksu
Session : 5C Turizm II

Analysis of Security Perceptions of Foreign Tourists: The Case of Alanya
Yabancı Turistlerin Güvenlik Algılarının Analizi:Alanya Örneği


High risk perception of the tourists affects tourism demand and causes serious declines in the number of tourists to destinations. With this respect, data collected from 500 randomly chosen foreign tourists were analyzed in order to identify their safety perception levels of Alanya town center and in which circumstances and places they have risk perceptions. Factors such as country of origin (nationality), gender, age, travel companion, education level, and duration of stay were tested in order to find out if they have an effect on safety/risk perceptions. Analysis included frequency tables and chi-squared tests. According to the main findings, majority of foreign tourists visiting Alanya find the destination safe (90,6%). There were significant differences in tourists’ perception of risk and safety among issues like traffic and criminal cases such as theft, purse-snatching, sexual harassment, crimes. Additionally, correlation was detected between one of the factors affecting risk perception, -gender and risk types such as -going out at nights, theft and sexual harassment; and foreign tourists’ showed different risk perceptions according to their gender.

JEL codes: Z19

Aksu, Muharrem, Aktaş, Ali Rıza, Oku, Onur, Şentürk, Faruk Kerem (2013). "Analysis of Security Perceptions of Foreign Tourists: The Case of Alanya" in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2013, pp.744-754, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA.

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Session 5C: Turizm II

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