International Congress on Eurasian Economies

International Conference on Eurasian Economies

17-18 September 2013 – St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

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Paper ID : 726
Status : Paper published
Language : Turkish
Topic : Microeconomics and Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Emine Fırat
Session : 3C Girişimcilik

New Actor of the Local Economies, Regional Innovation Strategies: RIS Mersin Application
Yerel Ekonomilerin Yeni Aktörü, Bölgesel İnovasyon Stratejileri: RIS Mersin Uygulaması


Innovation is in a key position of competition and development in our globalizing world.Regional innovation system can be defined to minimize interzonal imbalances,to take the skilled labor and policies and strategies implemented to enhance the competitiveness of firms.In this connection , regional innovation strategy plays an important role in terms of increasing the regions innovation. Mersin which is an important port city in the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, is not at the place it deserves in socio-ecenomic sense either in turkey or in the world. In general to promote regional innovation systems in order to increase of the region’s innovation potential and competitiveness and in particular put forth of Mersin’s regional innovation strategy’s strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats is form of the purpose of the study.

JEL codes: R10, R11, R00

Tutar, Filiz, Fırat, Emine, Erkan, Çisil, Tutar, Erdinç (2013). "New Actor of the Local Economies, Regional Innovation Strategies: RIS Mersin Application" in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2013, pp.627-634, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA.


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Session 3C: Girişimcilik

Beykent University Turkish Central Bank TIKA