International Conference on Eurasian Economies

International Conference on Eurasian Economies

17-18 September 2013 – St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

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Paper ID : 698
Status : Paper published
Language : Turkish
Topic : International Trade and Globalization
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Ekrem Erdem
Session : 1D Uluslararası Sorunlar

Regionalism Tendency in Post – Soviet Countries
Post – Sovyet Ülkeler Arasında Bölgeselleşme Eğilimleri


We drew attention in our study to two directions of the growing regionalism in the Post – Soviet countries. The regionalism in the Post – Soviet Space has an indecisive character. A group of the country (Ukraine, Moldova, South Caucasus countries) is evaluating the regionalism as a medium of the integration with global markets and liberal world, but the other group (leading through Russia, Belarus and countries of Central Asia) see the regionalism as a factor, which is against the globalism. We made a conceptional analyze in the first part of our study. The second part of our study contents the implementation. The main these of our study “Regionalism processes in the Post – Soviet space” have been researched and analyzed under the title of Commonwealth of Independent States and Eurasian Economic Union. The foundation of the Eurasia Economic Union with the aim of more supporting of the economically integration in the Post – Soviet countries is a very important example of the new regionalism tendencies. There will be analyzed in our studies the phases of the Eurasian Economic Union – Eurasian Economic Community, Custom Union and Common Economic Space in scope of regionalism concept. It will be also explained the strategically aims of the mentioned regional structure.

JEL codes: F15

Erdem, Ekrem, Mammadov, Halit (2013). "Regionalism Tendency in Post – Soviet Countries " in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2013, pp.840-847, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA.


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Session 1D: Uluslararası Sorunlar

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