International Conference on Eurasian Economies

International Conference on Eurasian Economies

17-18 September 2013 – St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

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Paper ID : 648
Status : Paper published
Language : Turkish
Topic : Microeconomics and Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Asst. Prof. Dr. Gülay Tamer
Session : 3C Girişimcilik

Women's Entrepreneurship in Turkey Compared to the World
Dünya'ya Kıyasla Türkiye'de Kadın Girişimciliği


In recent years, it is strategically important for developing economies that women contribute into working areas and entrepreneurship activities because the way to create new job areas and activate unused potential in business is attached to encouragement of the women entrepreneurship. Giving priority to the policies and strategies that help women exist in business contributes to the economic and social development significantly. However, women encounter important obstacles within the entrepreneurship activities.Entrepreneurship has been speeding up in today’s world and this project aims at comparing the women entrepreneurship between Turkey and the world, the obstacles women come across in entrepreneurship and the opportunities created by women in theoretical framework.

JEL codes: L26

Tamer, Gülay (2013). "Women's Entrepreneurship in Turkey Compared to the World" in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2013, pp.649-656, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA.


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Session 3C: Girişimcilik

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