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29-31 August 2016 – Kaposvár, HUNGARY

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Paper ID : 1647
Status : Paper published
Language : English
Topic : Labor Economics and Migration
Presenter: Yılmaz Onur Ari
Session : 1A Regional Studies

Circular Migration Between Georgia and Turkey: Is Triple Win a Solution for Illegal Employment?


Migrants who come from Georgia is one of the main issues in Turkey’s migration policy. Just like other Eastern Bloc Countries, after socialism collapsed in Georgia, its economy had many problems and impoverished many Georgia citizens. Therefore, Georgian people migrate to Turkey in a circular way in order to work or trade with the strategy for survival. Unfortunately, circular movements from Georgia to Turkey are not subject to a program and it causes many problems like illegal employment, bad living conditions and lack of migrants’ skill and knowledge development. The concept of circular migration and the effects of triple win solution are discussed theoretically in this study. Also a swot analysis of demographic and labor market of autonomous border region of Georgia is made and both negatives and positives of Georgian circular migration to Eastern Black Sea Region are analyzed. According to the results, it’s emphasized that a circular migration program between Georgia and Turkey is necessary to practice the triple win scenario. Triple win scenario supports many economic benefits for all three elements of circular migration, namely home and host countries and the migrants themselves, provided that there is a regulated circular migration. Several measures can be taken to prevent unregistered employment and poor working conditions of migrants, the most importantly the spontaneous circular movement between Georgia and Turkey can be transformed to programmed circular movement.

JEL codes: J61, J43, P25

Kalça, Adem, Ari, Yılmaz Onur (2016). "Circular Migration Between Georgia and Turkey: Is Triple Win a Solution for Illegal Employment?" in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2016, pp.14-19, Kaposvár, HUNGARY.

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Session 1A: Regional Studies

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