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29-31 August 2016 – Kaposvár, HUNGARY

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Paper ID : 1486
Status : Paper published
Language : English
Topic : International Trade and Globalization
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Şenol Durgun
Session : 1A Regional Studies

State in Terms of Structure and Function: A Comparative Analysis


This study deals with the concept of the state in terms of structure and function and aims to comparatively analyze the perception of the state in the Turkish thought. In the literature on the state today, there is a tendency to reject a universal state theory. It is argued that there can be a conception of the state for each country in their own context. The type of organization and conditions of each state can cause the formation of different structures and functions, and hence to insist on a universal approach would not be appropriate. However, to understand the conception of state in terms of structure and function in our political culture, the dominant Western thought on the state constitutes an important criterion.

JEL codes: H11

Durgun, Şenol (2016). "State in Terms of Structure and Function: A Comparative Analysis" in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2016, pp.31-35, Kaposvár, HUNGARY.

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Session 1A: Regional Studies

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