Eurasian Economists Association

International Conference on Eurasian Economies

12-14 October 2011 – Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN

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Paper ID : 360
Status : Paper published
Language : Turkish
Topic : Finance and Financial Crises
Presenter: Mr. Ahmet Tuncay
Session : 6D Finansal Hukuk

The Reasons for Financial Failure in Capital Stock Companies
Sermaye Şirketlerinde Mali Durumun Bozulmasının Nedenleri


In capital stock companies, in their financial structure, failure may occur in paying balance under the situations to changings in economy markets, crisis or the situations of bad assistance of company. The failure in financial structure, insufficiency of partnership assets to afford debts, cause to decrease capital of company and breakdown of paying debts. Continuance of this situation can cause the result of corporate bankruptcy. A corporate bankruptcy effects economy of the state which contains this company, in a bad way. Under this heading, the reasons of failure in financial structure of companies will be explained.

JEL codes: K22

Tuncay, Ahmet (2011). "The Reasons for Financial Failure in Capital Stock Companies" in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2011, pp.463-466, Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN.


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Session 6D: Finansal Hukuk

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